Mayor of Dayton charged with embezzling

Published 02-04-2019

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DAYTON, Minn. (AP) - The mayor of Dayton is charged with embezzling from the Hennepin County city he represents.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Monday that 54-year-old Timothy McNeil is charged with theft by swindle for embezzling about $12,000 from the Dayton Heritage Day Committee account.

Much of the money in the account comes from donations by individuals and businesses in support of the city's annual Heritage Day festival. McNeil had access to the account.

A criminal complaint says McNeil would make regular withdrawals from the account beginning in 2015 and after he was confronted by committee members had repaid about $4,500. Prosecutors say he still owes the account about $8,700.

McNeil told the Star Tribune he just found out about the complaint Monday and will have a response when he knows more.

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