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At the Dayton Playhouse, it means that July is just around the corner and, for once, it's time for FutureFest. One of Ohio's most anticipated downtown music festivals returns this Friday through Sunday, July 26-28. Featuring live music from some of Dayton's most talented artists, live performances, food trucks, vendors and more.

Quality retailers will offer a wide range of handmade items such as handmade ornaments, handmade bath soap, stained glass, candles and more. Participants will be provided with a selection of handmade and handmade items, as well as selected imports from around the world, and food and beverage retailers.

This year's event is open to the public from 9.30 am to 4 pm, with free admission for children under 18.

The festivities are from 5.30 to 11 p.m., with an 18-hour Bebe 18-hour. M. show time, with free admission for children under 18 years and adults.

VIP tickets include a meet and greet with the movie stars, and the trip is free with proof of military service. The annual Veterans Appreciation Ride in November includes theme rides and a combined ride where you can walk, ride and walk again. There is no admission fee, but the ride is $5 for adults and $3 for children under 18.

Bibs can be sent to participants 6-3 days before the event and a fee is charged to have the equipment sent by post. If your package does not arrive on the day of the event, pick up your package and return to your venue where your race number and equipment will be reallocated. You can inform yourself and plan your tour from 7: 30 am on the day of the race, or check the time line and pick up packages at the start at 6: 45 am, 9: 15 am, 10: 55 am and 11: 00 am. If you do not pick up your equipment, your registration will not be sent by post.

If you need assistance during the event, please notify a volunteer or track supervisor or contact the race organizers.

Parents who want their children to receive a call from Santa should pick up the form from the Vandalia Recreation Center beginning November 2. The completed form must be submitted to Santa Claus' mailbox at the Vandalsia Leisure Centre by Saturday, November 4, 12.30 pm.

Don't leave the kids at home, because Santa Claus and his friends will be in Austin Landing waiting for your Christmas wishes. Don't forget, Santa Claus, his elves and the other happy men and women will all be here this weekend to follow the wishes of the good boys and girls. Please include the name and address of the child you wish to succeed, as well as their name, address and telephone number. The request for deferral must be sent by e-mail to Santa's office at Vandalia Recreation Center, 515 N. Main St., Vandalsia, OH 45201.

There are activities for the whole family throughout the weekend, including Santa Claus, his elves, elves and other merry men and women. The event will begin at 5: 30 p.m. on Saturday, December 25, at Austin Landing Park, 515 N. Main Street, Vandalia. Join us for a chance to tell Santa your Christmas wishes and join in the fun as we share our Christmas wishes with him.

In 2012, seniors can discover popular regional artists on Tuesdays and Fridays for two dollars and Fridays for five dollars. Registration may be postponed, but packages must arrive within 48 hours of ordering before they are sent by post.

The Doubletree is a professional surveyor, engineer and scientist who practices and researches professional surveying and geomatics. Here, MSPs learn best practices, find new sources of revenue and stay up to date with the latest industry trends. The world's largest amateur radio meeting is an annual gathering of ham from all over the world. The annual Dayton Amateur Radio Festival is held Sunday morning from 10 a.m. to noon at the fountain next to Lincoln Park.

The CLE program reviews legal development, co-investment, business strategy, financial planning and business development for Ohio entrepreneurs and professionals.

Dayton World's A - Fair is a three-day international festival that takes place July 4-7, 2014 at the Dayton International Convention Center. The Joint Navigation Conference will discuss the latest developments in navigation, navigation technology and navigation science and technology in the United States and worldwide. The Dayton Think regional summit will focus on the future of business development in Dayton, Ohio and the Dayton metropolitan area.

With over 1,000 exhibitors, booths and a variety of food and drink vendors, as well as live music and entertainment.

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